Laugh full heartedly, you will be healthy, your mind & body will dance with joy & Laughter
Laugh Fullheartedly. It is an easy way to lifelong fitness. Bear it in mind that when you feel worried about your Health, Laughing full-heartedly is the best remedy. This has been scientifically proved. For fitness of body and exuberant joy of mind, full-hearted laughter is a never failing remedy. Laughing knowingly or unknowingly, with purpose or without purpose, singly or in a group rejuvenates life and promotes joy and enthusiasm. While Laughing, you are in a state of meditation and enjoy enormous peace of mind. Your body becomes active. Laughter is spread all around in nature. Look for Laughter in blooming flowers, in a cuckoo’s sweet coos, in the rays of the rising sun, in the smoothly flowing river water and in drizzling rain. Your mind will feel joy, your agonies will disappear and you will feel very happy.

The History of Laughter

Nearly three thousand years ago, there lived in China a saint named Hotei. He would go from village to village stand near a square or a corner and laugh full-heartedly and freely. Not stopping to talk with anyone, he would go on laughing. People would gather togather and seeing that Hotai was laughing, they would begin to laugh loudly. Hotai would go to far off villages and wherever he went, the Health of the people began to improve and therefore people of many villages regarded Hotai as a Divine being and went to invite him to their places. In those days, the medical science had not developed and as the health of people began to improve, they began to regard Hotai as a Divinity and named him Laughing Buddha.
Few of our ancient mythological books, mention eight varieties of laughter. From these we have used three, namely,

(1) Full Hearted Laughter (Atta hasya)
(2) Silent Laughter (Maun Hasya)
(3) Horse - Laughter, in the laughter therapy.

The famous American psychiatrist, Dr. William Fry has been researching on Laughter as a therapy to treat his patients since past 30 years. He says that Laughter is a wonderful cure for physical aliments and mental worries. Besides, Dr. Robert has been running a Laughter Clinic in U.K. since past 20 years. Dr. Robert has been advising all his patients to laugh full heartadly for twenty minutes twice a day.

Norman Cousin of America who was editor in chief of “Saturday Review has written three books entitled
(1) Anatomy of Illness
(2) Healing Heart
(3) Head First - Biology of Hope
He has clearly mentioned that when he was suffering from Cervical Spondilities and subsequently by heart attack, he started seeing comedy films of Laurel Hardy and Charlie Chaplin & laugh fullheartedly. He has mentioned that simply by laughing and keeping a positive frame and mind both of these diseases disappear. Not only that but he has mentioned in his third book about One Mrs. Young who also could get total cure from Breast Cancer. Simply by laughing fullheartedly for 20 to 30 minutes daily. At present as a rough estimate there are more than 7000 organised Laughing Clubs all over the globe in almost all countries.


What is this Laughing Therapy ?

If a person laughs loudly alone in his house or outside, people may think that he is mad. The laughter caused by mimicry or Jokes with patients does not last long. The Laughter Therapy is an excellent type of exercise which all, young and old, can do alone or in a group. For laughing, you do not need any training nor need any costly equipments. If you take the exercise in a group, you get motivation and do not leave it midway. This exercise does not bore you and you need to spare only 30 to 40 minutes. This exercises is especially good because it does no harm and gives immediate benefits.

The Laughter Therapy has two parts
Part 1 - Laughter Pranayam
Part 2 - Whole Body Exercise

PART 1 - Laughter Pranayam

In the first type, one laughs freely and loudly with open mouth. (Attahasya) In the second type, one laughs without any sound with closed mouth. (Maun Hasya) In the third type, one pours out loud outbursts of lauhter through the throat like neighing of horse. (Ashwa Hasya)
All these three excercises are performed for 5 times. One can perform these exercises. In the house, in the garden or on the terrace, While performing these exercises, one raises the hands up, brings them down and bends the body at the waist according to one’s ability.

PART 2 - Whole Body Exercise

Exercises of muscles and joints of the whole body (whole body exercises)

A - Upper Body Exercise

1.Exercise of the Neck
Stand with your hands on the waist. Keep your feet slightly apart. Bend your neck so that the chin touches the chest. When, ‘start’ order is given, turn your neck round from the left to the right. When it is said, ‘Reverse’, turn it round from the right to the left.
2. Exercise of Shoulders
Keep your feet side by side. Keep your arms parallel to your legs on both sides when ‘start’ order is given, move the left arm five times from forward to backward in a circular motion. Similarly, when ‘Reverse’, order is given move the left arm again five times from backward to forward. Similarly, move the right arm five five times forward and backward in a round motion.
3. Exercise of the Elbows
Stand on your feet, kept slightly apart. Keep your arms on both of your sides. Keep your palms open. When ‘start’ order is given bend both your arms simultaneously at the elbow and touch both the fingers of both hands. Do this five times.
4. Exercise of the wrist
Stand on your feet, kept slightly apart. Stretch both your arms forward to your front with closed fists. When, ‘start’ order is given move both your fisted wrists clockwise and anticlockwise five times, one by one. Similarly when ‘Reverse’ order is given move both your wrists in the reverse.
5. Exercise of fingers of hands
Stand on your feet kept slightly apart, stretch both your arms on both sides with out streched fingers with. When ‘start’ order is given open and close the fingers of both your hands simultaneously five times once with thumb outside and once with thumb inside while closing the fingers.

B - Lower Body Exercise

1. Exercise of the Waist
Stand on your feet, kept slightily apart. Bend your waist forward at the angle of 45 degres. When start order is given move your body (above the waist) round from the left to the right. Similarly when ‘Reverse’ order is given move your body (above the waist) round from the right to the left. Do this five times.
2. Exercise of the Hip Joints
Without bending the knee raise your legs five times frontwards, backwards and sidewards first with left & then with right leg.
3. Exercise of the Knee Joints
Keep your feet side by side. Stretch both your arms frontwards. When ‘start’ order is given bend your hip joints and knees at the right angle and give your body the shape of a chair. Keep your back straight. Do this five times.
4. Exercise of the Ankles
When ‘start’ order is given lift he weight of your body by rising high first on the forefoot (panta) and then on the heel. Do this five times with both your feet simultaneously.
5. Exercise of the Fingers of the Feet
Stand first with left & then right heel, fingers pointing upwords. Move the fingers front & backwords five times for both the feet our after another.

C - Middle Body Exercise

1.Exercise of bending frontwards from waist
Stand on your feet kept slightly apart. Raise both your arms up. While you bend down frontwards, breathe out. While you resume the original position, breathe in. Do this five times.
2. Exercise of bending backwards from waist
Stand on your feet, kept slightly apart. Raise both your arms up. When the ‘start’ order is given you bend your body backwards above the waist. Breathe in deeply. While you resume the original position, breath out. Do this five times.
3. Exercise of bending sidewards from waist
Stand on your feet kept slightly apart. Raise up your arms up and clasp their corresponding fingers. When ‘start’ order is given bend your hands with clasped fingers, first to the left and then to the right. Do it five times.
4. Exercise of touching your knee by fingers
Stand on your feet kept side by side keep both your arms on sides. When ‘start’ order is given lower your left hand fingers on your left as far as they go upto or below the left knee. At the same time, bend your right arm at the elbow and raise the right hand as high as the armpit. Do this exercise by bending five times leftwards and five times rightwards.
5. Exercise of moving the upper body round
Stand on your feet kept slightly apart with out strached arms. When the ‘start’ order is given twist with waist above but not immediately after meals.

Rules for whole body exercise

1. These exercises are meant for increasing the power and capacity of body’s main joints and muscles.
2. You have to perform all these fifteen exercies in fifteen minutes.
3. You are requested to do all these exercises without straing your body.
4. If you are having B.P., Anaemia or any kind of Heart problems, if you are taking any sedatives please do all these exercises carefully.
5. You can do all these exercises at any time and the day but not immediately after meals.

Scientifically Laughter Therapy is an ideal exercise.

Ideal exercise is one where all three components of exercise are included -
1. In arobic part you increase the performence of Heart, your Lungs and your blood vessels. All the dynamic exercise like Walking, Jogging, Running, Cycling, Swmming, Boating, Mountaineering, Hocky, Football, Vallyball, playing are arobic exercise. You have to perform these exercise for 30 minutes, your body gets maximum oxygen when you do these exercise.
2. In muscle part you perform all the exercises that you do in older time in Gymnasium and in present time in Health Club. This exercises are done to increase your muscle power and muscle endurance.
3. In joint part you perform all the flexibility exercises you do while doing Yogasan.
4. To keep yourself in totally fit condition you have to give 40 minutes of your time to do all the above three types of exercises. Viz 30 minutes Aerobic exercise, 5 minutes of muscular exercise and 5 minutes of flexibility exercise.
5. Laughter Therapy exercise is considered an ideal exercise because all the three componants
(1) Aerobic
(2) Muscular and
(3) Flexibility are included -

Some special things about Laughter Therapy

1. Laughter Therapy exercises can be done by young and old, man and woman without any fear.
2. There is no danger of harming yourself.
3. You can do these exercise alone in your house privately or in the garden with all the other persons.
4. Laughter Therapy exercise format is easy to follow as well as easy to perform. You learn to do it in a very short time.
5. You can perform these exercise at any time of the day without any harm. Ofcourse you should keep 30 minutes time after your meals.
6. You forget all your inhibitious about laughing in public when you do these exercises in a group.
7. While doing these exercise in group daily you meet many of people with whom you become friendly and this helps to built-up family relationship and friendship.
8. You don’t have to pay any fees to become member in any of the laughing club.
9. You don’t need any special dress or shoes to perform these exercises.
10. If you do all the laughter therapy exercises daily and systematically you do not have any fear of harming yourself.

What changes does the laughter therapy bring about in the body ?

The exercises of loud laughter, silent laughter and horse laughter shown above, the warming up exercises of muscles and joints, preceding them and the breathing exercises, succeeding them, straighten and loosen the abdominal muscles, the spine muscles, the diaphragm between the abdominal and thoracic cavities and the muscles on the face. In a short time, all these muscles become strong. As breathing becomes faster, you breathe in four to six times as much oxygen than those who live a sedentary life and perform no exercise. You fully breath out the residual air and also carbon dioxide that it contains. The rate of heart beats and the blood pressure rise. Blood flows faster in arteries. In times of urgency, blood is more efficently supplied to any part of the body. Since the brain receives sufficient supply of blood, chemical neuro transmitters function with a higher frequency Mind is filled with joy and memory becomes sharper. Pain killers and tranqullising substances called andorphins are secreted by the brain. They remove physical pain and mental uneasiness and blood pressure becomes normal. One has no danger from Diabetes, Asthma, Skin Diseases, Heart diseases, Cancer etc. that develop in old age. The Laughter Therappy exercises of 20 minutes adds 20 years to life-span. 215 calories are consumed.

Appeal to Start New LAUGHING CLUB in your Area